Grokking the SQL Interview by Javin Paul

🎁⏰ Grokking the SQL Interview Launch Sale Ending in 2 Days !!

Hello there,

Just wanted to send a gentle reminder that the launch sale of my friend Javin Paul’s new book, Grokking the SQL Interview is ending soon. It is a special link with the offer code friends50 for 50% already applied in it.

If you want to prepare for SQL questions for an interview or just want to level up your SQL skills then this is your last chance to get the book for a 50% discounted price. The price will move to a regular $21.90 in 2 days for good.

Here is what you will get in this book

  1. Topic-wise SQL questions and answers like Joins, Index, Stored Procedure, window function
  2. Deep dive into popular SQL questions for a better understanding
  3. Learn SQL better by answering interview questions

Here is the link to get your discount - Grokking the SQL Interview

To celebrate the occasion he has also created a $9.9 coupon for my courses like the Spring and Java Certification courses on Udemy, if you are interested, you can also grab them for just $9.9 now

Here are a few sample questions for your quick view:

Grokking SQL Interview

Book Details

Author Title Publisher Published On
Javin Paul Grokking the SQL Interview Questions GumRoad Aug 2023

Raghavan alias Saravanan Muthu
01 Sep 2023 | Fri | 11:55:22 AM IST