Wordle a Simple and Trendsetting Word Game Goes Viral

In this post we will see what is Wordle, and how can we play the game and the tips & tricks associated with it.


Wordle 221 3/6


About Wordle

https://www.powerlanguage.co.uk/wordle/ – It is an interesting word puzzle/game became very popular/viral in the Internet recent days. It is very good and addictive. It was launched by a person in the UK in Oct 2021 just in a website, not into any Mobile Apps (iOS/ Android etc.,).

The first time when you play, you get some good hints on how to play. Very simple rules. Every day, one 5 letter word will be assigned and we need to guess and crack it. Each letter in the correct position will turn out to be in green color, the letter in wrong position will be in yellow color. The letter you guessed if it turns out to be greyed, that means it is not in the word of the day at all. You better make further guesses without those letters to get close the target.

You get max 6 tries every day. Once you complete, it gives you an option to copy the result which is nothing but the image you saw above, that can be easily shared in Social Media - like any other content being copied and pasted. It has become very viral in this way, especially on Twitter.

Enjoy the game and get some good academic refreshment!! All the best!! 💐😇


https://www.msn.com/en-in/money/topstories/the-game-that-s-everywhere-what-is-wordle-and-how-do-you-play-it/ar-AAT4F6d?cvid=03e9e811d51d4a6ba0db122b5e0f478f&ocid=winp1taskbar A good website that explains this with some good tips to start with, as the first word helps you make the best possible guess!!

https://www.washingtonpost.com/video-games/tips/whats-wordle-how-to-play/?utm_source=pocket-newtab-intl-en is yet another website that gives a good set of clues and hints.

Raghavan alias Saravanan Muthu
26 Jan 2022 | Wed | 08:44:38 AM IST