Spring Professional Certification 250 Questions

A good interview companion for the Professional Certificate Practice for the very popular Spring Framework by my good friend Javin Paul, published with GumRoad.

Book Details

It covers all important spring topics which you need to prepare for both Spring interviews as well for Spring professional certification like:

• Aspect Oriented Programming 
• Boot Actuator and Boot AutoConfig
• Spring Boot Intro and Spring Boot Testing
• Container
• JDBC and Spring Data JPA
• MVC and REST
• Security and Testing
• Transaction
• Full-length Practice Test

Here is what you will get inside the book:

  1. 250+ Spring questions
  2. Detailed explanations
  3. Topic-wise questions

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Javin Paul 250+ Spring Professional Certification Practice Questions GumRoad Sep 2022 Yes, see the Discount Section below


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Good luck with your Spring Framework Journey :)

Raghavan alias Saravanan Muthu
03 Sep 2022 | Sat | 15:03:48 PM IST