Even King of the Forest Gets Bored

Once a Monkey wished to die due to sadness, he pulled the ears of a sleeping Lion.

The Lion woke up and roared with anger: “Who did this? Who has invited his death?”

Monkey : “I did Maharaj. I am very much depressed due to lack of friends and I want to die, why don’t you kill me.”

The Lion asked with a laugh: “Did anyone see you while pulling my ears?”

Monkey : “No, Chief!”

Lion : “Okay, pull my ears a few more times, it feels very good.“😀

Essence of this Story

By Living Alone, even the King of the Forest gets bored. So Stay in touch with your friends. Keep pulling their Ears, Legs, Dragging, Blabbering, Laughing. Don’t be Dull.

Keep having Fun. Keep in touch with your Old Friends.

Raghavan alias Saravanan Muthu
29 Jan 2022 | Sat | 19:10:53 PM IST