Intellij Idea Value Add Highlighting Values Used

We will see a great value add in the IntellijIDEA - the famous IDE for Java Applications.


If we are working on a set/list of values in an iteration/loop one at a time, but the values are not having any finite pattern, most likely we might get lost or could possibly overlook the values - which can potentially result in a typo or miss!


What if the values you had used is highlighted when you press the Ctrl + Tab key, to get the list of values? :) That is exactly the help and the value-add given by the Intellij IDEA.

It highlights the used values in Red color, and the unused ones with the white color. Of course, you could customize the colors if you want, but I haven’t made any!


Raghavan alias Saravanan Muthu
11 Dec 2021 | Sat | 02:36:05 AM IST